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Gary Jones
Gary Jones Wildlife Photography
Padeswood Road North

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I am a full time Wildlife Photographer, based in North Wales close by to the beauty and ruggedness of the Welsh Coast and Snowdonia. Since an early age I have had a complete passion for the outdoors and Wildlife, I am also accomplished mountaineer and spend a lot of my time in the Mountains but whatever I do and wherever I go the camera always comes with me. I now travel far and wide to photograph Wildlife, to many of my favourite places both in the UK and overseas, I adore Snowdonia from the rugged mountains down to the beautiful coastline and I have a real passion for Scotland, in particular The Cairngorms and the Western Isles, especially Mull. Although I enjoy photographing all wildlife subjects my passion is birds, especially raptors, Ospreys being my absolute favourite bird. and I spend a huge amount of time in the Spring and Summer photographing them.

When not out with the camera taking my own images, I deliver Workshops throughout many locations in the UK and abroad, and also Presentations to Camera clubs, Nature Societies, and many other Groups, working with many other individuals such as my friend Iolo Williams, and organizations such as Welsh Water and Cambrian Photography.

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