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Photography is a true passion of mine. I love everything about it. First of all it connects you to nature and combines technology (gadgets) to photograph the beauty of the natural world.

I have several interests in photography predominately in water sports such as sailing, surfing and windsurfing but have also shot ball sports such as Aussie rules football and soccer. I also like travel photography, capturing unique wildlife, countryside and the people and places of different countries is not only challenging but exciting.

I have recently moved to live in Bali, Indonesia which I have been coming to for over 30 years and have begun to really explore the entire country of Indonesia. Indonesia is a great country with plenty of things to shoot such as the people and the places.

The Indonesian people are very welcoming and I plan to make it my journey over the next 10 years to document indonesia and my journey through it.

Peter La Fontaine

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